Me and Sardinia


About me

I want to display your real beauty, the beauty of the moments you live and of the people who share your life with.
How do you feel when looking the person you love into the eyes, when you laugh, leaning your head back while playing with your child?
For me, photography means telling stories. Your love story, the life that is about to be born, the family you are building day by day, and that expression: it lasts a second, and is likely to fade away.

Look at the small things because one day you’ll realize how big they were

Foto Vanessa Illi

I have got my degree in Advertising and got my certificate at Istituto Italiano di design.
Presently, I am a member of Associazione Italiana fotografi di bambini Tau Visual and a Getty Image contributor.
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My philosophy

Photography, in my opinion, is unbreakably attached to a memory.
I don’t only take pictures to remember, to leave a lasting impression, but also to show what happens among individuals.
I love to look at people’s motions, whichever makes them unique and special.
Discover their souls , the main point of their connection.
My job is to show the genuineness and outstandingness of your special moments.

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Valeria Mameli