Sardinia wedding proposal, Alghero

Couple and engagement Proposal Sardinia

Sardinia wedding proposal Alghero

I’m in the car to reach Alghero while an incessant rain begins.
I heard Ernst in September, he comes from South Africa and will be on holiday in Sardinia for a few days. He decided to make his wedding proposal here and he wants me to photograph that moment.
We chose the place among many, considered the light of sunset, that there was a place where I do not give too much eye because she does not have to know that I’m there to photograph them, we have chosen a day when the area was not too crowded. Ernst took a room for one night in Alghero, because in those days I could not reach them in the area of Olbia where they were on vacation, and it rains incessantly, my emotion adds to the anxiety of not succeeding, their plane will be the following day so it cannot be postponed.
Shortly before my arrival, the wind rises, the rain almost ceases and we move forward with the plan. She is visibly in love with the place, I pretend to photograph landscape and plants with a telephoto lens while watching them from afar, he walks, looks at me and in the end does not resist and resting his backpack gives me the signal …

Alghero wedding proposal
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Sardinia wedding proposal Alghero



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