Anniversary Sardinia Photographer

Anniversary Sardinia Photographer.

Sardinia is my land.I came back, For this reason, I missed it too.
 It is also a very popular destination and sought by couples who travel for their honeymoon or celebrate their anniversary. Photograph these moments in Olbia, Sassari, Alghero or Porto Rotondo allow me to capture the authenticity of these places and transform it into the frame of your memories.
I’ve always been a professional, careful and discreet photographer; I like to do shots which portray the naturalness, away from prepackaged and studied poses. 
The light in the North of Sardinia has always fascinated me: the way it draws the shades and the colour tones are unique and unmistakable. Those who choose to spend their honeymoon or anniversary in Sardinia flees bustle, the deadlines, the timing and commitments. F
or these reasons be a photographer in Sardinia allows me to make shots and paint you in small gestures, in looks and attentions that make unique your relationship. 
It’s hard to find the right words to describe how this Earth might make at the same time, for me, amazing my job and for one couple, unforgettable the memories.
Thus, almost unexpectedly, a honeymoon or anniversary celebrated at Porto Rotondo in Sardinia I was several times the opportunity to use my camera without worrying about the flow of time, along with people who were not afraid to open up and to show the genuineness of their emotions.


Sometimes I stop to reflect on the fact that Sardinia will attract only a certain type of people. 
Surely there are more exotic and popular destinations. Instead, someone chooses to spend those special moments in Sassari or maybe in Olbia. When I make my photos I notice how all couples who come over here have a natural predisposition to be photographed in our landscapes, where the essence of natural elements are perfectly in tune with expressions and smiles. 
It is as if the colours took aroma and perfume. My clients often write me to thank me for the photos taken during their honeymoon in Sardinia. It every time fills me with joy, but I know inside that the beauty of my work comes from the synergy with my territory. I feel blessed to have realised that to be a photographer in Sardinia has always been my way.


The services dedicated to couples who spend their honeymoon or anniversary in Sardinia highlight the authentic beauty of relationships and feelings. For this reason, they are not invasive.
I don’t like to program: expect for the best natural light to create the right image to catch and shoot. It is not a coincidence that I have spoken of Olbia so far. As it is not a coincidence, I did the same thing with Sassari. Or Porto Rotondo. Or Alghero
These are places that I know well, where do the photographer is more than a job, it’s a constant search for prospects and natural atmospheres, which belongs to the landscape.
 In these destinations, which are increasingly popular for these occasions and special celebrations, the territory expresses all his charisma, and it makes this available to photographing Sardinia together with your memories by indelible colours.
 I Hardly dwell so much when describing a service or talk about my work. But the love I feel for my land and the opportunity it gives me to make happy my clients in photographing their honeymoon or their anniversary deserves maybe more words.

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