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Reviews on Valeria Mameli, Sardinia photographer.
Wedding proposals, couple session, family photo session, maternity photo session, elopement in Sardinia.

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 wedding proposal alghero review If you are looking for a skilled photographer in Sardinia/Sardegna Valeria is 100% the one. Do not waste your time with anyone else (Trust me I researched them all). Even though I was out of the country She helped me organize my proposal and beautifully captured it so wonderfully. She had great tips and throughout the whole process you can tell how much experience she has. She not only was able to capture the most memorable moments, but was also able to make us feel SO comfortable. All our photos and video turned out perfect. If you have any photography needs Valeria Is the right choice, don’t think twice book her NOW! Luglio 2022, Wedding proposal alghero

couple photos golfo aranciValeria was fantastic! This was our first couples shoot and she directed us what to do, made us feel so comfortable, and the pictures look amazing! She was able to capture the magic and make me feel and look beautiful in every picture. I couldn’t be happier! 2022 couple photo Golfo Aranci



Stintino photographer Fantastic photographer. Worked around us and our schedule really well. Delivered some amazing photos and she was really efficient with everything. We love the photos…thank you so much Valeria!  Aprile 2022

“In an era when everything is sadly flattened by technology – often also the” creativity “of some photographers – the way in which your shots exude emotion, feeling, pathos is absolutely moving. It is not so obvious to let yourself be touched by the experience of unknown emeriti. Your Images Can. Truly enchanting … “. Couple photos Stintino

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wedding photographer sardinia

Valeria is a professional and a very special person.

We had fallen in love with her shots and after meeting her in person we discovered that not only she is very good at her job but she is also an exquisite, humble, kind, helpful, precise, sensitive, attentive person.

Communication with her is simple and clear. We trusted her to capture the day of our wedding and we couldn’t have made a better choice! Thanks to her photos we will be able to relive forever the emotions of that special day, because with her sensitivity she managed to capture unique and precious moments. Thank you so much. Linda Wedding photos


Sardinia Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Anna, 2018

I think I’ve definitely found a gem artist in Sardinia whom i had just randomly searched up on Google for our vacation family photoshoot. Imagines Valeria capture are so soft & light, yet so very powerful that each speaks louder than words. She has a special eye in capturing our beautiful natural expressions, rather than just limited to smiles & laughters. Moreover, Valeria knows very well how to communicate with young children (my kids are 5, 3, 2), so much loved by my 3 monkeys!! She will indeed be a reason for us to revisit Sardinia again.
Vacation family photos


Sardinia Photographer reviews
Laura, 2018

We have entrusted Valeria with one of the most important days of our life, our marriage, certain that, like a real professional, she would capture every moment, helping to make it truly unforgettable.
Thanks Valeria, thanks for the patience you had in my moments a bit ‘critical, in those of fatigue, stress and nervousness, thanks for your professionalism as always undisputed, for the touch you’ve had, for capturing those wonderful moments with my father who accurately portray the emotions of those moments, thank you because from the beginning you gave us that certainty of having a professional with a capital P next to us that would have made that day even more special, and thank you because the passion you put into what you do is perceived so much that even after the fatigue of the whole day, being with you is always a great pleasure .. thanks thanks and thanks again a thousand times thanks, Laura wedding photos

costa smeralda Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Sara, 2018

Almost 2 months away I want to thank Valeria again for her sensitivity and professionalism! My boyfriend has chosen her to immortalize the moment of the marriage proposal, for me the most beautiful in the world of course! 😍
Treated to the smallest detail, thanks to the wonderful photos, I can now watch and relive and relive unique emotions!
I highly recommend her!
Sara, proposal

Katarina Anna, 2018

Valeria is creative, professional and talented photographer! Highly recommended! Grazie Mille
Katarina Anna, anniversary photos



olbia Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Maria Vittoria, 2016

Valeria does not photograph but “blocks” moments. For me, it has “blocked” those of my marriage. And now, whenever I respect them, I can relive those feelings (which are too intense and pass too fast that day), enjoying every detail, every look, with all the calm I want. Here we say that his shots could speak for themselves: some capture the emotion of a precise moment, others seem the summary of a whole life
Maria Vittoria. Wedding photo


Porto cervo Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Silvia, 2016

Valeria has an extraordinary talent in capturing details, small gestures, facial expressions, everything that makes a wedding “Your” wedding and immortalize it in wonderful shots. Her photos are intimate, exciting, always original, beautiful. Very serious and professional, also recommended for those who do not like being photographed, because they will follow you on tiptoe without ever being intrusive. I find that her works convey elegance and a sensitivity that touch the heart. I with the photos of the pre-marriage and the wedding I have carpeted the house and I can not wait to do other! Thank you so much Valeria Silvia, wedding 

Sardinia Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Manuela, 2016


Her shots speak. her photos are linked to my best memories. Very good and unique
Manuela Service photo family, marriage, newborn, motherhood



Sardinia vacation Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Caterina, 2014

“Unique in her kind, manages to convey its sensitivity in every shot. Attentive to details, always available and patient (for brides is not a trivial matter) “I would choose another thousand times !.
Caterina Wedding photo service

I was lucky enough to meet a sensitive and multifaceted person. Valeria puts all of herself in her work and is a guarantee of excellent taste, professionalism, attention and care. I think her pictures are beautiful because they reflect what’s inside her.
Sandra wedding photographer.

Valeria has the ability to visually translate, in extraordinary photographic documents, each event is offered in front of it. She is a keen observer and a very sensitive photographer, who keeps her professional skills in perfect balance, the result of a lot of studies, with the desire to be faithful to her “belly” testimonies, true, joyful and not much artificial.
I also acknowledge the merit of having dared and daring some experimentation and research is still unknown terrain of photography in Sardinia. Brava Valeria, I wanted to tell you, or rather write, for some time.
Laura – Family photo service

The first thing you notice is the love you put into your work, we have trusted from the beginning and you have never disappointed us and we will continue to choose her…
Pity, not having discovered you before
Simona – Family photo service, maternity, newborn

Sardinia family Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Francesca, 2015

Valeria is an exceptional photographer. Her photos are unique and exciting. During our wedding she was never intrusive, she was always there, silent and very fast! she has not lost even an invited guest! Our photo shoot is just the way we wanted it .. Different from the others, only ours, and she has been able to tell perfectly about us… Thanks Valeria!
Francesca – Wedding photo service

A nice combination of professional refinement and attention to detail. It becomes a pleasure to be photographed captures the moment and manages to “discover” the beauty you have inside.
Rossana Newborn photo shoot

The thing that I like crazy is that I think it is the most difficult, she is able to portray the beauty that comes from within and not just the aesthetic .. find the beauty of each person and what photographed and bring it back in a picture .. very beautiful

best vacation sardinia photographer
Marco, 2012

Give those moments, those expressions that make people unique and you would believe impossible to capture, if not with a daily look that imprints in memory … Looking at his shots review those moments and understand that she managed to do something extraordinary, almost know his subject to the point to know when to shoot, because he is himself!
Marco, photo family, marriage, newborn, motherhood


Sardinia family Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Giovanna, 2015

The art of the photographer is to tell without words and without a pen. Valeria manages to tell moments of life of those who are in front of her goal, simply grasping the details,she looks and smiles and then give emotions and memories to those who see in his shots what he could never see: himself while feeling an emotion. Very good
Giovanna  family Photos


Sardinia Photographer maternity reviews valeria mameli
Daniela, 2015

The perfect story of a special day condensed into unique shots from which even at a distance of time you can feel the emotion of those moments. Excellent professional, helpful and courteous with great attention to detail and for the best result of the job. Irreplaceable and highly recommended!
Daniela Wedding photo service


Sardinia wedding Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Laura, 2016

Valeria manages to give the most simple and natural movements great magic … creations of a beauty that you would never expect … very good!
Laura Family photos



Happy to have met her! Woman with innate ability to know how to move with the utmost discretion among children even in their absolute chaos .. skilled in grasping the most intimate and characteristic expressions of each of them that immortalizes with her shots, which amaze and move over time. After the first time, it is difficult to do without her in important moments.
Elisabetta Family photos 

Her great professionalism and ability to capture spontaneity in moments, light, colors and above all emotions and be able to transmit them in the silence of its simplicity. Original and Bravissima
Marinella Wedding photos

Sardinia Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Valeria, 2014

Discreet and professional, she was able to grasp the spirit of our marriage. Covering the photos we can relive those beautiful moments and we get excited every time. We do not live on the Island, but for us, it was important that there was a touch of Sardinia in the album, so we opted for a traditional Sardinian fabric, packaged by hand: the result is spectacular! We could not have made a better choice …
Valeria Wedding photos


best vacation sardinia photographer
Thanks to her shots, the memory of Elisa’s first days of life will be indelible because already today that she is almost two months old is another child. It is a photographic service that I recommend because certain moments so beautiful and important do not live again and review them over time moves especially if the photographer can make them so real. That’s why I chose the best one.
Angela  family, motherhood, newborn

best sardinia photographer
Dalila e Giacomo, 2015

She gave us emotions and smiles that we constantly live every time we look at our album! 5 stars are not enough to describe his skill and professionalism ..
We hope to have it back to contain the most important moments of our life .. Dalila and Giacomo
Wedding , newborn, motherhood


Learn to love photography when you admire Valeria’s photos! The best emotions are captured, each shot becomes art compliments, his photos are addictive
Lidia Photo family 

Sardinia wedding Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Anna and Max, 2018

Valeria was a great person to work with. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of a wedding photographer. She’s lovely, reliable and her photos are stunning! Thank you Valeria and all the best best vacation sardinia photographer Anna & Max wedding photos

I received a photo shoot as a baptism present for my daughter. It was a unique and special experience. A photographic service can do so many, but I do not know how many would have managed to capture the emotions as Valeria was able to do. I recommend! A truly original and creative gift idea … thanks to my friends!
Anna Family photo service

best vacation sardinia photographer
Manuela, 2017

Professional and welcoming, look with the heart and can make the images speak! ..To observe, she “captures” your soul and gives you back a snapshot of an eternal instant of your life … like a mirror, a filter, a ray of light that illuminates beyond appearance!
Manuela Photo family service

Sardinia wedding Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Roberta, 2015

She manages to capture the naturalness of those unique moments with incredible delicacy and patience. It was not just a photo shoot but more than anything else a beautiful and fun experience that will remain ‘printed’ in our minds and not just 🙂
P.S. Coordinating two wild children, a husband and a big boy is not easy!
Thank you so much
Roberta, Family photo service

Sardinia family Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Maria 2014

In every picture, a look, a smile, a moment that only you can make unique and special!
Maria Service family photo



Sardinia wedding Photographer reviews valeria mameli
Luisa, 2011

I was her first bride and I’m so happy with the choice I made !!! I have beautiful memories of that day …. And her photos really tell everything !!! She manages to immortalize every moment and make it unique. She is the only person who can photograph my daughter ….
A warranty….
She knows.
Wedding photo service, newborn, pregnancy, family, one day in a life



What to say…. You are an incredible professional! You managed to capture, in a day among many, a moment of great family intimacy that will remain forever glued to our memories with an infinite sweetness

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