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My idea of ​​family photography has changed a lot over the years.
I started from the idea of ​​telling the every day, life as it happens, thinking that photography was always linked to the moment, to the memory of the moment. The desire to show people how they look from the outside and to show a day or a few hours of their life.

Over time I have greatly re-evaluated the power and importance of the portrait.
Having a photo frame is not out of fashion, it does not belong to another era of photography, it is classic, it is always good, and always will be good. Maybe the intention, the plasticity, the way changes, but not the substance.

The importance of the context, the landscape, the environment, is something that, in my photography, had always been secondary but that I have enormously re-evaluated in recent years.
A story needs a where.

I deeply love movement, making photos come alive, being able to stop that moment in which aesthetics, moment, and light coincide. When I do it is a moment of pure joy. Those are those photos that I hope will end up hanging in the house, to be seen every day.

I am deeply convinced that these little girls will love, in many years, to see themselves at the sea having fun, spontaneously as they did when they were little. They will remember a fun day. But they will also love to see each other with their mother looking at the room, in the most classic of portraits.
I really hope they will keep both photos on the nightstand.

I am a family photographer since 2010, in recent years I have had the good pleasure to photograph more than 400 families in Sardinia.

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