wedding proposal Sardinia photographer

Proposal Sardinia

Wedding proposal Sardinia photographer. Wonderful wedding proposal for @isabela.francesca .
Marriage Proposal Sardinia. Alghero
It was a long time that I wanted to go up to this point to photograph a wedding proposal.

The view is breathtaking and we have the great advantage of not having people around and being able to enjoy the right intimacy that this moment requires.
Isabela is an influencer and is used to go and find spectacular locations to photograph. So, with the excuse of taking her to take pictures for her instagram Maurius was able to lead her to the agreed place.
This is a spectacular location for a wedding proposal in Sardinia.
Comfortable shoes and a little bit of climbing for this viewpoint  but I’d say it was worth it.
Are you looking for a spectacular place for your wedding proposal in Sardinia?
wedding proposal Sardinia photographer

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Wedding proposal Sardinia photographer

I would love to photograph your wedding proposal in Alghero, Sardinia. I am an intimate and romantic photographerand you can take a look at my portfolio for wedding proposals here,
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Write to me to info@valeriamameli.com to have my brochure with all the information and prices for your wedding proposal in Sardinia.




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