Why Choose Alghero, Sardinia For a Wedding Proposal?


Are you wondering where you could have a remarkable time proposing to your partner? Well, Alghero, Sardinia is one of the wonderful destinations for such purpose. No doubt, you and your partner will love every second of your stay in Alghero, Sardinia.

Here are some reasons you should consider Alghero, Sardinia, as your perfect location for your wedding proposal as young lovebirds. Let’s go through them one after the other:


1. Porticciolo Tower

You sure want to explore the rare Porticciolo tower that has a height of about 11 meters above sea levels. It’s one of those places in Alghero that can make anyone including intending couples to be recurring visitors. Even walking up the tower itself is so adventurous and worth it. 

Aside from the panoramic views of the areas surrounding the tower, you’ll also find a beach around this majestic tower. This beach is so charming, peaceful and perfect for some of your take-home-photos. Also there’s a lovely pool, a restaurant and a supermarket where you can request for anything you like. 

Porticciolo tower is just a great site you mustn’t fail to explore during your wedding proposal. You can’t forget the sweet sensation you’ll experience seeing this incredible site easily.

Why Choose Alghero, Sardinia For a Wedding Proposal?

2. It has mind-boggling beaches

he beach in Alghero is arguably the major reason why many intending couples choose this location for their wedding proposal. It’s just right for this occasion as the white sands and clear emerald waters send chills down the spines. The beach is relaxing, especially the La Pelosa in Stintino, and you may try kicking a ball with your partner.

proposta di matrimonio in spiaggia sardegna

3. Alghero, Sardinia offers unquantifiable entertainment

After visiting the beach, you may also need to go for an evening walk around the little alleyways. Here, you get a glimpse of what the beautiful old-age structures are. It’s always a lovely sight to behold, and you can take some cool shots right here and there. 

alghero wedding proposal

4. Necropolis or Nuraghe

At the Anghelu Ruju Necropolis, you’ll see mysterious designs such as the engravings Neolithic bull horns and the false doors. This amazing archeological site is a perfect place to take lovely photos. As an intending couple who wants to explore and enjoy some moments, you won’t regret ever choosing this place.

Another benefit of visiting Anghelu Ruju Necropolis is that you get priority access to see these ancient chambers. This is a majestically built chamber in a corridor style, which helps to intend couple bypass tour groups that may be disturbing.

5.   Alghero’s people are friendly and approachable

The people in Alghero always welcome whoever comes into their area with open arms, and that’s one of their sterling qualities.

Are you planning a wedding proposal with your girl? Well, the good news is, Alghero Sardinia is one of those lovely places to have those important moments.

A photoshoot helps to remember this moment forever.

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Why Choose Alghero, Sardinia For A Wedding Proposal?alghero proposta di matrimonio alghero wedding proposal Why Choose Alghero, Sardinia For a Wedding Proposal?



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