Elopement Sardinia photographer.
Deciding where to elope in Sardinia is your first big step!
The vast majority of my clients live out of state and are planning a destination elopement somewhere in Sardinia’s  landscape. I can only imagine how challenging it is to find the perfect location when you’re miles away!
All they know is that traditional wedding planning isn’t for them and they have a deep desire to elope in Sardinia.
Sometimes it’s best to start with what type of venue or setting you’re looking for and then narrow things down from there.
I will also happily help out with the location!
There are a lot of wonderful and really different spot, some of them are not simple to know.
And they are different in a different month.
Today, elopements are considered much less taboo and a much more personal alternative to all the bells and whistles of a traditional wedding.
If walking down the aisle in front of many eyes is enough to make you shudder, then the intimacy of an elopement is probably right up your alley. Eloping is becoming a more popular, chic way for couples to express themselves. It’s less stressful, more romantic and cheaper.

Where to elope in Sardinia, the favourite location for an elopement in north Sardinia.

There are so many options in Sardinia.

A lot of magic beaches, like in Stintino (here you can see 2 different elopements: boho elopement and more traditional elopement on the wonderful beach in la Pelosa) or Alghero like Porto Ferro (here a couple session). Some epic and really romantic views like Porticciolo in Alghero (Here you can see a proposal and an elopement ) or in Capocaccia (here a proposal).

Or if love the adventure the Grotte di Nettuno, are karst formations located about 24 km from Alghero.
Or if you love the magic of a medieval village on the sea, you could choose Castelsardo (here a wedding proposal). Here you can elope in uncontaminated territories whit breathtaking beaches. Located in the centre of the Gulf of Asinara, a pearl of rare beauty, Castelsardo is a perfect Elopement location poised between tradition and modernity.

Another medieval village is Bosa, a lovely town in the North West of Sardinia.
Bosa has a friendly, local atmosphere. One nice place is Hotel Palazzo, Sa Pischedda Bosa.
Bosa is a gem with its colourful urban landscape, stacked on a steep hill, tapered to a bare grey castle.

The island on the island. Another real magical location for elopement is Asinara island. But you have to be quickly because it’s a natural reserve and only 5 couple , every year, can have wedding or elopement in Asinara.
It is an isolated place, with unspoiled nature, crystal clear water, donkeys and other animals that walk undisturbed. It’s magical and so so intimate.It is possible to get to the island of Asinara by a private boat or by ferry.

Or if you prefer the comfort and romantic of a villa by the sea, you can choose Villa Mosca, in Alghero (in springtime is amazing).
If you are looking for a luxury location on the beach in a beautiful private villa you have to take a look to las Tronas (write me for some photos)
An exclusive oasis of peace and tranquillity on one of the most beautiful seas in Sardinia.

I hope to add quickly new locations.
Elopement Sardinia photographer.


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